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The Humanitarian Relief for South Sudan (HRSS ) was established and founded by Mr. David Gach Deng, a South Sudanese American national who migrated to USA as a refugee after being forced by a brutal civil war in his first home Sudan. As a young man, David experienced the dire consequences of war and its efforts, death, hunger, diseases, fear and terror and how many of his family, relatives and village people have died from all the aforementioned war related causes. Being in such a situation without someone who feels your suffering, without a helping hand that can provide your with a lifesaving assistance, there is no doubt that it is a sure death. Hence, HRSS is an organization that founded to be a helping hand for those in similar situation of war, hunger, sickness, fear, terror or any other inhuman situation and conditions.

The Vision of HRSS

“To strive to achieve a world without war, hunger, diseases, terror and fear or any other inhuman conditions.”

The Mission of HRSS

Throughout its entire lifetime, the HRSS shall thrive to provide helping hands for those in troubles and inhuman conditions of all sorts.

HRSS Core Values

1. Integrity 2. Leadership 3. Sacrifice 4. Dedication 5. Compassion and love 6.

How would HRSS mobilize resources so it can be

truly a “Helping Hands in Troubled Times”

1. Production projects 2. Donations from well wishers 3. Fundraising 4. Grants from governments and nonprofit organizations 5. Other means deemed fit and good


HRSS shall have locations and representation in South Sudan and wherever is possible and wherever there is a need for its humanitarian and relief efforts.

HRSS Board of Directors and governing


HRSS board of directors must comprise from 6 members, it must be diverse, 3 men and 3 women from different professions and affiliations Board of Directors Program Managers Field officers Secretariat Treasury


Still Under Construction

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Humanitarian Relief for South Sudan
President of board of Directors United States Branch 1-David GACH Deng. 2 General secretary RIEK CHAN Dak. 3 Finance Thowat Thoal. 4 information Sabit Chuol. Ethiopia Branch 1-KIIR TANG Wieu Director. 2-GATBANG CHUOL General secretary. 3-GATLUAK BITH WIW finance.
Board Director of  HRSS